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THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (if you are asked to act in a machinima)

One thing I have done since beginning using or hiring actors in my machinima is to provide a notecard containing all the things that caus…

Started by Lowe RunoLatest Reply

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Rezzing a machinima set quickly

Hi all! Have any of you figured out a way to quickly rez objects for a scene? Coalescing them? Is there a tool? I wish I could quickly chan…

Started by Shannon McDermott

0 Mar 31, 2014

BijoCam Construction System

I've been having fun using this device for my current shoot part because I wanted my actors to be able to easily "see" what I'm seeing…

Started by Asil

15 Aug 10, 2013
Reply by Asil

Setting up your Space Nav

...I just installed the Firestorm beta viewer for Mesh in Second Life and for about the 8th time, I had to set up the Space Navigator setti…

Started by Vincent Lowe

6 Sep 5, 2012
Reply by Collin Fearne

Invisible Prims

As long as i make machinima the invisible prims of the skeleton i use have been a pain during recording. Now a friend showed me this this f…

Started by Ole Etzel

9 May 23, 2012
Reply by Tikaf Viper

phoenix viewer bug or graph setting?

I hope someone knows the solution to this rather strange problem i'm having with my SL graphical settings lately. I didn't noticed it befor…

Started by rggiano

3 Mar 26, 2012
Reply by rggiano

CameraSmoothing Position

Hi All and HAPPY NEW YEAR! As some know I had a bad experience with the that 3D Explorer joy stick. I had to return it. HOWEVER a friend di…

Started by Starheart Erdhein

9 Mar 4, 2012
Reply by Natascha Randt

Machinima Stream?

Say does anyone know of any instructions about how to get a parcel stream for machinima to work or are the files too big if you host your o…

Started by Chic Aeon

8 Feb 18, 2012
Reply by Asil

Cross-dissolves causing lag (and ultra keys and overlays)

I am so frustrated.  I take shots adjusting frame rate and draw distance, select clips that are without lag, I put them on my time line in…

Started by Hypatia Pickens

5 Nov 2, 2011
Reply by Hypatia Pickens

Beginning Mistakes

I am a new face on the scene and I know that many of you are old timers in the machinima world. That being said, I can attest to the minima…

Started by Chic Aeon

7 Oct 21, 2011
Reply by Chic Aeon

An Embarassment of Viewers, which do you choose to Film in and Why?

Have just discovered how to add Shadows to my SL experience yahay…

Started by Celestial Elf

27 Oct 15, 2011
Reply by Asil



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