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Well, it looks like MESH is taking our Virtual World by storm, so to speak, and the UWA is even getting art entries using it.  So my reservations about the MESH viewer have to be quashed.  


I went to download 3.0 as a trial (until FS--which says it will get MESH capability in two weeks...ha) and was stopped by the system requirements.  "You MUST meet the minimum system requirements or SL may not work well for you" (paraphrased).  I see they've upped the technical ante, and are ahead of me.  I have an ATI Radeon 5XXX series.... minimal requirements are higher.  I also have a 64 bit computer and they want 32.  I hear that ATI's don't give you the shadows that an NVidia card does.  I need to get a desktop since at the moment I'm working on a high end laptop, but you can't adjust that very well.  Windows 7 PC, HP Pavilion. 6000 ram, terrabyte, quad core... but SL is beginning to ravage it a little and it gets uncomfortably hot even with cooler  Desktop seems more stable.


I am a little cautious about downloading it on my laptop.  How much harder does it run the graphics card?


So far, what I see in the short demos showing MESH is very shiny materials--so reflective surfaces, dresses that actually move with the avatar's legs (instead of poking out of flexies), and shadows in the machinimas.  Not exactly crazy about the rubbery catsuits and plastic dresses; I hope they tone it down. Also, I've looked at the SL page about it, and it's very detailed, but I still have some questions.


  Will it compromise what I see of my antiquated possessions?  How for instance does it render the old sculpties?  detailed textures?  

  Does 3.0 MESH viewer come with the shadows as a default? or were the demos turning it on for effect?

  Have they started making avatar faces in MESH?  They will soon, I imagine.

  I might not be able to avoid getting everyday MESH products... am worried about prim equivalance cost for my property.  Are you able to calculate that in MESH?

  What bugs does the new program have?  Building, filming, etc.

  What system requirements would any of you suggest for a desktop PC?  or Brand?  Build it yourself?  What fancy stuff should I avoid?  They always tell you to avoid the fancy stuff, like an ATI Radeon which was supposed to be a FABULOUS gaming graphics card, but it overkill for Second Life, and won't do shadows well.  


  NVidia over ATI?


Thanks a lot,


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Just a short answer to the last question. I have an ATI Radeon 6x series and it works fine for me. On friday I made my first "mesh" (lol) video, cause I got the first mesh Helicopter in SL. It was just a short short test, but it works, shadows and all other things also. Just the official sl viewer is a mess, crashes my computer completely after 5-10 minutes.

I enjoyed your mesh helicopter machinima. :)  My ATI Rad is only 5x though; and crashing your computer in 5-10 minutes is a horrible recommendation!  If the official sl mesh viewer is a mess, then what is the FS one going to be like?  It only just now upgraded to a.... non-MESH version.  I do want to see it in action, though, but I don't want to compromise my laptop!  Already afraid it's going to blow a fuse from heat.


Calm down a bit:), Mesh is new and a hype  and everybody runs crazy: mesh mesh mesh, lol.  

I think the Firestorm Team needs a week or two more. From the Office hours:

"The next release will be a true hybrid version for Firestorm, utilising code from the SL Viewer 2.6, 2.7 and 2.8 / 2.8.3 releases. It will include the capability to render mesh objects.

There is no actual release date for the new version – although Jessica hopes it will be in “The next couple of weeks.” The version is being referred to as 2.6 internally, as this was the code it was initially based on., but then you get the full mesh power. "

Meanwhile you can try the Kirstens viewer or the Cool VL viewer v1.26.1 (experimental, MESH branch), to render mesh objects.

OK, thanks Natascha.  Good to know.  What I guess I need are suggestions for a better configuration of system requirements than I had for the little laptop I use for accessing SL.  I need to replace an old PC desk top. How many of you build your own computers?  I regret getting an HP Pavilion, which is sometimes too hot to touch, but I needed a laptop to tote to school.   Even so, all the little films I've made I've made on it. ;)  So...

   Is it true that SL is better viewed on NVidia than ATI?  Shadows is best, I heard, on an NVidia, but you get beautiful shadows, Natascha!  I get hollow shadows.

  The desktop I have now is on its last legs: It's a 2004 XP and so slow I have to wait 15 or 20 seconds for a window to open.  Needless to say, it can't run even 1.23 Second Life on it (the whole computer shuts down) and it's becoming useless for any graphics heavy window like Face Book and M.A.G.  

   What do the rest of you use or recommend for viewability and durability? Obviously I should be thinking of the future, a computer that will meet the needs of all the changes in the offing for at least the next three to four years.  Should I care about the systems requirements that SL 3.0 demands?  Friends have suggested, without going into detail, about building my own computer.

The hollowed shadows are a bug in 1.xx based viewers...NVDIA or ATI is now like WINDOWS or Linux or OS X  once:) Your Friends are right, build your own computer, you are independent from the manufacturer and you can change the graphics card the cpu or whatever if it is necessary. The good news is, that you can use a 64bit system, too. So you can have more than 4GB of memory.
Yay, thanks, Natascha.



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