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Unravelling the mystery of codecs is a key to good playback and recording. What capture and playback codecs do you like/dislike?

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I thought codec was what you take for a cold! Seriously... pardon my dumbness but is codec also known as the rendering format? If so I use: wmv mpg or avi depending on the project. As long as I end up with good resolution, I'm happy.

I noticed when I uploaded this movie to youTube in quicktime HD format that it goes out of audio sync about a quarter of the way through. So I'm not a happy camper.
i made the most pc works in a .wmv format and wmv9 codec and wma9.2. use the quality/bitrange about 75%-100% - depense on the further usage. whatever these % mean .-)).
i know its a pain in.... the whole codec philosophie.
the after_crash - 00_01:57 - is 288MB in 100% HD
" " " " 23MB in 75% HD ---- thats a jump.
as long u dont have too fast movement between the frames in the clip, the quality is fine.
s. also the "what editor r u using"
will post a few more things there.
There's an excellent discussion regarding codecs on the DMN Forum Mike Jones' posts, he is a god of machinima.

Quote from Mike J: "FRAPS uses its own proprietary codec which is compressed and problematic, not designed for editing systems and, for the video world at least, quite obscure. Vegas is not designed to work with this codec because its virtually unknown to video editors beign that it comes from the gaming community."

FRAPS has a propritary codec, which is my major complaint with it. When I was testing, I converted the FRAPS files before I imported them into Premiere for post. For me, I get better results by sending a monitor feed through a converter box and having Premiere render it directly to NTSC.
Here's a link for a helpful codec resource ...

In this context i would like to know, with which kind of editor do you work? I tested MAGIX Video easy 3 HD, and here my fraps footage runs without problem. It gives out an avi-file. The big disadvantage is that it has got just one video track and two audio tracks. Single frame editing is not possible. So it is just a nice "put-together" editor. Recently i tried editing with avid studio. But though it has really professinal options, it needs encoded footage, and here my problem starts. I tried to encode my fraps material with Windows Expression Encoder 4, it brings in the right proportions but terrible quality. Maybe someone of you has got some more experience or advice? /me is lost in translation... ; )



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