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I am so frustrated.  I take shots adjusting frame rate and draw distance, select clips that are without lag, I put them on my time line in CS5 Premiere Pro, I'm using the ultra key, and as soon as I join clips by a dissolve or overlay it with a key clip it seems to skip frames when I'm playing it in the time line, making what should be smooth jerky.  This is happening at a final crucial action point in the film!!  

The real agony is that it uploads that way.  :( :(   I had this problem with "Yeah..." and solved it (to an extent) by setting some clips on a higher track so that they didn't really touch each other.  The killer is the dissolve, for some reason.


The only thing I can think of is to put my clips in different folders so the time line doesn't have to grope through all the clips I have on my D drive just to pick them up.

    Is that a solution?  

    If so, I don't exactly know how to teach each Project where to look for its files.


Wringing hands.... maybe should wait till I get the new computer set up, but I'm looking at a hard deadline.

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I use AVS Video editor (almost no documentation but does a lot for very little dinero) and the really  not too great part about it is that the preview isn't clear at all. You get used to that (did I mention the cheap part?) and the final product is fine. I haven't had any of your issues with fades but I also keep ONLY the footage I am going to use and send all the rest to the recycle bin. Hence I don't have a searching issue as I upload them as I go from the same folder or upload all at once.


I DID figure out something tonight that might be helpful on the uploading it. I just did a very quick (jjccc would be proud  *wink*) video of my undressed set. I had some major watercolor blobby issues on a couple of the pans. Nothing on the original footage; it was clean. I had already exported at the highest quality setting, so I tried a different codex (in this case Microsoft MPEG-4) and that solved the problem. So --- you might want to try some optional outputs.  I am guessing this was the same issue that I had with some text shadowing in Shades of Gray. I rebuilt that so many times with lots of "smart tricks" to no avail. That's my only possible hint. Good luck.


is it only in the preview - which is caused by low computer power - or does it render that prob too?
u might reduce the display quality to half or third. it is also a good idea to dump the cache before previewing.
r the framerates of the footage and the export properties / adjustments the same?
does it work without the keyed clip layer?
how large is the whole project file?

Hi Cisko and Chic... thanks so much for responding.  I thought I'd lost my forum add.  Cisko, I think it renders it; I only deduce that from my film "Yeah..." and the shaky way it does the crawl at the end; I haven't tried rendering this project yet.  Most of your other questions I'm unsure of. When you say footage, do you mean each individual clip?  The framerates for each clip are of course different (different environments, different draw distances depending on the shot) and they all get changed to 60 automatically--or so the editor says.  Does it work without the keyed clip?  Yep.  If I remove that then the next clip plays beautifully.  The keyed clip has several other "impositions" that complicate it:  it has a subtitle, and being a transparency, of course, it has the background layer. Then it has the dissolve, which makes the figure in the foreground disappear. And then of course the background has a dissolve (which I got rid of), and the text has a dissolve. So the timeline has to pick up all these pieces of information simultaneously and that's when it jumps horribly, and well into the next action clip.  I want to show a sorceress turning an X into a Y (don't want to give it away), and it seems so easy to do... pile these keyed figures on top of one another... HA!  but my computer can't handle it when it demonstrates it in the window.  God forbid if I superimpose the Y on top of this cluster!!  I should try rendering and uploading it and see if it's just the display or if it's really skipping frames.


I'll consult the Help Pages for getting rid of cache--which stupidly never occurred to me; seems like every time I think I know what I'm doing there's some rule I haven't followed. Took a tip from Asil and that is rename the file periodically and use the latest.  Will that help get rid of cache?


Another idea:  put all the used clips I'm nostalgically saving in different folders (they're backed up on external memory but what if... !!!!) and brutally delete the clips I'm NOT using but THINK I can use for something else.  I'm a terrible hoarder.

The first rule of feng shui is "eliminate clutter". So while I have NO idea what you are saying above, if I nudged you in that direction I feel I have done my part of the equation.

Another thing that I have found and I have a newish computer - i7 and lots of power, is that if I don't get rid of all those BIG files in my recycle bin and defrag regularly I get into trouble. So dumping and defragging after a shooting episode might help your preview window (note to self to do that as soon as I reply). Again, my preview is just naturally pixelated and clunky. Hopefully that will be fixed in the next update.


If "rendering" your project means exporting to a file then doing that will most likely give you a MUCH clearer picture of what is actually happening. I know it takes time, but if you can't see what is going on in your preview window, then it seems like you really NEED to "produce" (what my program calls exporting).  Just a thought. Hope it all works out well.

Hi, Chic.  That last suggestion?  I did do that!  I talked to Friday Siamendes on Sunday who reminded me of that trick, so here's what I did for Love Prayer:  the clip that was screwing everything up was where the fairy changes the man into a wolf.  The background clip is huge, so the poor computer had to scroll through it just to get that part.  And then I superimposed the keyed clip (curled up man dissolving into curled up wolf), and more cross dissolves and blllleeeah!  No wonder the preview was convulsing. So I took those files, put them together in another Project, rendered them, and imported them back.  Problem solved.  I forgot who said here that they rendered every clip.  Well I might do that from now on. About the trash bin... YEAH!  The computer still feels them there.  Spot on, Chic.  Thanks.





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