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Have you filmed a LEA installation? Aritist in Residence or on one of the core sims both apply.

Linden Endowment for the Arts would like to include your work in the new machinima HUDs currently being linked to films. 

You can see the huds in action (they will be available to the public as a screen hud soon) at the machinima building at MOSP - LEA7. 

Please send the URL of the film (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) as well as the SIM YOU FILMED ON!  That last is very important as the videos are sorted by sim in the hud.  Send to Chic Aeon in world or you may put your info here if you prefer.

Works need to be PRIMARILY about the art sim, not just some clips worked into another video.  Thanks!

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"Instructions from the Dead on How to Recall the Source Code," filmed a year ago at Haveit Neox's "Second Libations": LEA 6!  I went to Rowan Derryth's blog about it, and she directed us to a SLurl and there was the number. ;)



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