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Sooooo -- I have definitely not been here for awhile but happily remembered my password. Someone wrote wanting a videographer *wink* and I sent him here.

MEANWHILE for any new folks to Machinima Artist Guild I wanted to let them know that there are WELL OVER 50 locations for filming at MOSP, LEA7 (just typing LEA7 on the map will get you there). The variety is vast and there is MUCH in the air including a full sim sized city, a grungy neighborhood, fantasy, full sim long country road etc etc.  Commercial use is fine.

Grab a hud and head for the main areas as well as the NEW gallery with posters that lead to many more spots. There is also a blog with updates. IM me if Google doesn't find MOSP for you.


Machinima Open Studio Project curator, Chic

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