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Hi my name is Vincent Sedubun (a.ka. Vincentsedubun) and is seeking help for this machinima project. It is a Medieval/fantasy roleplaying themed series intended for Vimeo or YouTube centering on the SL character Kurenai Jun. I am a composer of music, and can film/produce/edit video, and am preparing a script/storyboard. I want some advice on creating a SL machinima series or a similar large film project. It would definitely benefit to have some serious thoughts, ideas and advice from some pros willing to share some input. I have no money so am not looking for a partner - just someone who might mentor a bit. Firects those interested to some past work...

I will update this topic once in a while to show the progress made for the project so you have some information and can comment on what i do wrong during the production!

Content in this topic is as it is:

  • (step 1) Character sheet of my SL avatar Kurenai Jun in roleplay.
  • (step 2) History that describes the history of Kurenai Jun interacting in his enviroment and then followed by
  • (step 3) a written script for preparation for filming
  • (step 4) actual filming to collect material for the production
  • (step 5) preperation for post-production
  • (step 6) production
  • (step 7) and finishing by publishing the work on youtube
  • repeating the process starting from step 3 for the next episode

(wish me luck! :D)

I will accent parts to make it more comfortable to read.

For example main stuff will be put in bold

background information will be put in italics and in yellow

comments will be written normally

Before i give it a go i would like to credit a few people. 

Sonicity Fitzroy

Celestial Elf 

Thank you.




-Heir (of Jun)
-Gallant Grand-Sun of the Order of Eldar
-Paragon (in progress)

Great-great-grand-son of the elda Kúrenórë Jún, (Thruthfull in the heart, Minyar Otsëa, Seventh of the Firstborn) and the human Faeyowen of the Fawn. The names of Kurenai Ialsuldur Jun's parents are unknown. Kurenai Ialsuldur was named after his Great-great-grand father. Naming a child after a long-dead historical figure is unusual, since in eldari traditions it was taboo. The second name refers to the obstetrician Ialsuldur Vincent, who helped during the delivery
While nothing resembling being the product of generations and generations rooting from an elda, Kurenai Ialsuldur is human and is mortal.
When he was 17 years old, Kurenai Ialsuldur's brother was removed from the family tree. When he was 24 years old, his sister married non-royalty. He automatically received the title Heir of Jun.
A more notable title given to Kurenai Ialsuldur is Gallant Grand-Sun of the Order of the Eldar, the highest possible grade a person can achieve in his lifetime in a gallantry. He was 27 years old when he earned it and made him one of the youngest Grand Sun's alive achieving it.

Despite the background, Kurenai Ialsuldur's focus is, besides his personal questline to achieve the elusive Paragon title, now as well trading and networking. He began his life as a scholar of intelligence, but lost complete interests after his father's passing. Taking the knowledge of his studies with him, he applied it to his later interests that made him advance from behind the books to working in the field. Some of his older mentor's and instructors describes him as an intelligent person but with the lack of discipline or steady routine. The behaviour described by his older mentor's leads eventually to characeristics to be flexible in any situation later on in his life.

Reading the old scriptures written by his Great-great grand-father, Kurenai Ialsuldur learns about the different lands visited by Great-great grand-father elda Kúrenórë Jún.
It motivated the young Kurenai Ialsuldur to explore the old landmarks as well, and to study more about his Great-great grand-father's history.
Kurenai Ialsuldur has visited the following area's and realms:
-Appollonian Marina
-Cadair Braeden
-Nova Braeden
-Ruins of Artstonia Village
-Ruins of Dawn
-Taure Ru, Kingdom of Sand
-the Havens
-the Realm of Mystara
-the Woodlands

Kurenai Ialsuldur currently resides at Illrunardi in Núrenor, with his female companion named Kumiodori Ancalime, who is his niece from the same family of Jun he rooted from.

Kurenai Ialsuldur has knowledge of armorsmithing, weaponsmithing, leatherworking & tailoring, trading, engineering, inscripting, gem-cutting and mining, poetry, philosophy, spear mastery, shield mastery, arcane and spirit magic.

Kurenai Ialsuldur chose the spear and shield above any weapon combination else. It is the indication that his ancerstors might have been hunter/gatherer's before the raising of Nurenor.
His attire consist of underlayers of clothing made from a combination of ox-leather and linnen cloth, then a chainmail of galvorn and meteorite-iron and on top of it ardian-meteorite iron alloyed plating, a gold colored metal alloy that was melted for plating the armor. Meteorite-iron is highly sensitive to magic.

Kurenai Ialsuldur is the typical Spell Warrior due to his beneficial charms, spells and spear/shield abilities.

So what does this all mean?

Screenshot! (hang on, i need to make one :S)

Based on games i played in the past, and or still do, i chose a character who is armored and could cast spells to enhance himself. I figured if i would chose for a mage type or kind of person, a most logical thing to apply while building the character would be adding some sort of intellect or wisdom. When i would film the character in action, the public must understand that they see a very intelligent person who is a mage. I could have looked at examples such as harry potter when he was 12 years old, who doesn’t seem to understand magic at a level, a normal wizard would do. I got used to play classes like the witch doctor, barbarian, monk, shaman, warrior and paladin in blizzards mmo's, and the guardian profession in guildwars 2, I even enjoyed being a paragon in the game’s predecessor. I must admit i did love being a frost mage in the World of Warcraft, but it had nothing to with being the typical wizard like most people expect to see except for it's offensive and defensive abilities that defines him as a mage. Also, if i am not mistaken, there should be even a difference between a wizard and mage, then you have illusionists and magicians, what would make it more difficult for me to understand which one i should choose. A part from that there is also the huge amount of spells and understanding of charms and spells I need to digest before i can ever start and to make sure I appear as one at some point.

What i find easy is that the kind of character i chose is that he knows a bit of magic and is an amazon (the male one from diablo 2) or a warrior who wields a spear or javalin.

Compared to the mage stated earlier, i do not need to dedicate time to understand or specialize in its finer art, but only pick a more basic aproach of magic’s.

Perhaps over time this view might change tho, who know’s. 

Another reason why i chose this appearance is because of my real life family’s history. 

While it might not be as impressive compared to other cultures, i based the character Kurenai Ialsuldur on my ancestors who did equip themselves with a spear and a sort of shield.

My parents and their parents were born in one of the remote islands of Indonesia.

The spear was used to catch fish or to kill animals in the forest if they where high up in the trees.

Also it lenght came handy to keep wild at distance. Swords where never used because there where none. The equivelent of that type is the cleaver, that they used to cut out kano’s out of treetrunks.

The shield was actual not a real shield, but used as a bowl to place meat and sometimes to cook or prepare dinner. the longbow was well known as well amongst my ancestors to hunt down wild in the forest and i think also to catch fish in rivers. I am lucky my parents did pass down the culture of the tribe back to me, so by this it is easier for me to write and build out my character.

I think my ancestors could be seen as a hunter/gather if i am not mistaken.

The part where i am applying magic is the beliefs of the ancestors which today is still part of the tradition.

I enjoy roleplaying, this is one of the things in my parents culture that i can identify with the roleplaying in Second Life.

The armor represents the history of the Netherlands who colonized Indonesia. The lion’s head is the symbol that the Dutch still use. The color gold is the gold mines that were mined back then. The color blue is the color of the sky, seas and healing, or seen as inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.



Illrunardi or Illrunardian, litterly in eldari language City of the High Heavens. lies in the heart of Núrenor, a formation of oblong rocks with each the size of an island that floats severel tens of meters above the sea. It was claimed by the elda Kúrenórë Jún before he raised the group of remains of what was once a part of an island from the waters up in the air. According to myths and legends, the island was brought up from the sea as a gift from the Ones who chose not to dwell with the Supreme Being. elda Kúrenórë Jún adressed him as Eru Iluvatar, or Father of All that is Alone. The original island of Núrenor was situated in the Great Sea. In shape the island had probably sharp corners, with each large peninsulas extending from the central region. The latter is stated to have been around 250 miles (400 km) or 400 kilometres across, and promontories were nearly of the same length each. The island itself was "tilted southward and a little eastward". After its original inhabitants had sailed to persue the conquer of a blessed land by Eru, it's army was crushed and the island sank to the bottom of the Great Sea, never to be reached again.
Núrenor today has peaks that are surrounded by clouds. Illrunardi is build on the highest point of the largest rock. The plant and animal life in Núrenor is stated to have been abundant and diverse, with many species being unique to different regions of rocks. In addition, Núrenor contained many life forms that could not have been found in the rest of the world, many of them having been possibly brought by the Ones-who-chose-not-to-dwell of Elves.

Four well-kept traditions were the Offerings, during which a great concourse of Men ascended to the summit of Illrunardi and the Chieftain would praise the Ancestors and call out for Eru, or 'the Father to All'.
An Offering consists of a prayer towards the Ancestors and differ with each family based on their likening. It was an appreciation and an asking for a blessing before or afte a big event. 
Erukyermë, held at the beginning of spring, the Offering for a good year;
Erulaitalë in the middle of summer, the Offering for a good harvest;
Eruhantalë in the autumn, the Thanksgiving for a good harvest
Erusukur, the most common ritual that can take place any day of the year, for example, the Jun honors their ancestor's including eldar Kúrenórë Jún, who wed Faeyowen of the Fawn and gave up his immortallity when he decided never to return to Valinórë. In modern literature Faeyowen is often described as Faulke Faulkes.

It is custom to partner with a cousin or niece to marry for procreation, a tradition to keep the bloodline intact, or family members partner other familymembers from other families in the Tribe with good standing. Not often it occurs family members wed others outside the community. Notable is that all female familymembers do not carry their family name but will be named with only their givens names, later adressed as nobility with the title Lady, followed by their husband's first, middle and family name after marriage.


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Hi Vincent, regret that you have had trouble previously in finding the kind of advice you seek.

Would recommend that you take some time to explore other Forums here for further guidance, perhaps start with



which may help with a broader sweep of indepth information and then post any more specific queries that arise.

Best Wishes.

Hello Celestial, 

If i am not mistaken i must compliment you for a video you made not long ago with a wizard. I do not remember the exact link anymore but i do remember the tilting camera views

For futher guidance by exploring other Forums i will at these ones mentions, thank you very much!



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