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Submissions for the 2012 Machinima Expo are now open!

Submit your Machinima film!

Machinima ExpoThe 2012 Machinima Expo is now accepting film submissions for the November festival. If your film consists of at least 50% machinima (real-time animation) and you have NOT submitted the film previously to the Expo, your film is eligible for this year's Expo. Submission period is from July 1st to September 30th, 2012. 
There is no fee to submit your film. All we ask is that you fill out our submission form and provide a link to the film so we can screen it. We prefer, but will accept other video sites like youtube. 

If your film is in a foreign language, please provide a description of the plot/story (unless it's an abstract film) so we can properly screen the film. The best thing would be to provide english subtitles, but it's not required. 

You WILL be notified that we have received your film. If you have questions or problems, please use the CONTACT button at the top of this blog. 

Follow this link for the submission form:


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Jurors announcedfor the Expo.


Joseph Farbrook grew up in New York City and Santa Fe, raised by his father, a concrete poet, and his mother a painter. Farbrook creates electronic installations, interactive video, and virtual reality narratives. He has also developed media-reflexive live performances mixed with interactive screen projections. His latest work explores the intersections between video, video games, and sculpture.

Farbrook exhibits both nationally and internationally. Recent venues include SIGGRAPH, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, La Fabrica Arte Contemporaneo in Guatemala, Museo De Arte Contemporaneo in Columbia, as well as venues in the Netherlands, China, Czech Republic, and the USA. Farbrook is professor at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


Phylis Johnson, Ph.D., is a professor of media at Southern Illinios University. She is originally from New York, and has professionally worked in broadcasting in Houston, Philadelphia, and an assortment of cities throughout her career. She has presented internationally and publishes and presents mainly in academic venues. She is an avid follower and researcher of virtual worlds.

Phylis's book Machinima: The Art and Practice of Virtual Reality was published my McFarland this summer to very strong reviews. We are very proud to have Phylis on our jury this year.


Frank Dellario has been at the forefront of the machinima animation movement since it's beginnings in 1997, when he cofounded the award winning team the ILL Clan. He has produced, directed and filmed multiple productions for clients such as CBS, Paramount, Universal, NBC, Warner Brothers, Intel, MTV, SpikeTV and Microsoft. His projects have been produced using scores of game engines and have won numerous awards. He has served on the board of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences (AMAS) and was VP of Animation Production at the Electric Sheep Company, a Emmy award-winning pioneer in virtual worlds and social games. He is currently working on a real-time animation production using Source Filmmaker with his new company Pixel Valley Studio.


Susan returns to our Expo jury having served last year. She also participated in an Expo panel and had a wonderful comic entrance in Second Life where she sat on the head of her co-moderator.

Susan is the founder of the New Media Film Festival which takes place in Los Angeles in the spring of each year. Susan actively supports machinima and has made it a category in the NMFF. Susan is also the CEO of the multiple award winning production company and spent 5 years building the infrastructure for Providence & Rhode Island Film Commissions including spearheading the 25% tax incentive for that state. Susan was a daytime Emmy judge in 2010.


Phil Rice, also known as Overman, first came to be involved with machinima in 1998, producing a handful of short machinima works. He has collaborated on approximately 30 films, and is an active contributor to the machinima filmmaking community. In September of 2006, he released “Male Restroom Etiquette,” a comedic mockumentary short film, reaching an audience of over 4.7 million viewers on YouTube, and gathering a Best Writing award at the 2006 Machinima Film Festival.

After a 2 year hiatus, we a very happy to welcome Phil as a Jury member for the 2012 Expo. Phil co-produced the first 3 Machinima Expos, then went on to found his own computer business and raise a family.

How does the Expo jury work?

Each jury member is sent a link to a private video screening site on the net. The site has been designed specifically for our jury to enable them to view all of the films in HD. Once a jury member screens all of the films, they vote for the 4 films they feel are the most accomplished from the list we have given them. Their number one vote will be the film they think is superior to all of the films on the list.

Once all of the votes are in, the Expo will tabulate the votes and based on which films receive the majority of votes with announce a: One Grand Prize film and three Jury Prize films. We will then announce these films (and their prizes) at the 2012 Machinima Expo on November 18th, 2012.

The full schedule is now posted ... click for the link.

The Machinima Expo Video Library

The 2012 Machinima Expo awards ceremony took place on Sunday, November 18th. Jury prizes, the Grand Jury Prize, the Peter Rasmussen Award, the OPEN THIS END award and the Audience Choice award were all presented by Lauren Weyland and Mr. Kinte Fergus

All the Livestreamed Expo events from the opening on Friday right through to the final words on Saturday are now available to be watched.
Here's the link:

I tried those I could not watch live cause of the massive problems there at the event at friday. Especially I wanna see Cisko and the reason why he no more want to shoot  films in sl. Doesnt work for me. Next one was Hypatia and then Iono, but unfortunately they all load till death. So nothing to watch for me :(

hmm - works 4 me. browser prob ??



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