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MachinimUWA V: Seek Wisdom - L$670,000 Challenge Kicks Off!

 poster credit: Eliza Wierwight

We are happy to announce the 5th Machinima Challenge put forth by the University of Western Australia (UWA). The theme is 'Seek Wisdom'. Sponsored by UWA, AviewTV & The Tornado Gallery, the prize pool sits at L$670,000 (approx USD 3,000). We hope you are inspired by this to create many wondrous works as you have been through the years! (Please note the major rule & special prize guideline)

WHAT: MachinimUWA V : Seek Wisdom

WHEN: Entries Close at Midnight SLT 30th June 2012.  Winner will be announced in August 2012

THEME: The theme is 'SEEK WISDOM'. How you traverse the metaverse in this quest is totally up to you...the Machinimatographer. What is wisdom? What path do you take? Can it be attained? Is it an unending lifelong endeavour? Can it be found? Should one choose to seek only in the realm of the virtual or beyond? Is one doomed to fail? Is wisdom the embodiment of someone... something... somewhere... somewhen? Is this but another JOURNEY?

You machinima can be about whatever you choose, but there is one rule all entries must follow. The only requirement is that at least ONE of the 100 Treasures from UWA must form part of your story. These are actual treasures, however at least 17 of them exist on UWA land in Second Life. You may choose to include as many of the treasures as you like so long as there is at least ONE. Apart from this, feel free to film anything, anywhere. You may use props at the location, or maybe want to change the footage later during the post process, this is up to you... as long as the treasure or treasures you choose to be part of your Machinima can be recognized and form part of your storyline.

‘Seek Wisdom’ is the university's motto and can be found on UWA’s coat of arms. It was selected as the theme for MachinimUWA V to honour the new way education is delivered at UWA, "New Courses 2012." The inclusion of one of treasures from the book 100 Treasures from UWA also celebrates the 2013 Centenary of the University of Western Australia. This book of which UWA Second Life is listed among the treasures, was the inspiration to enshrining at least some of these treasures in virtual space. You can see all 100 treasures online at and locations of the 17 that exist in virtual space are as linked below.

PRIZES: There is a prize pool of L$670,000 with a L$120,000 top prize, and 11 prizes in all. From the field of entries, a Special UWA Prize of L$100,000 will also be awarded to the Machinima that best captures the essence or spirit of 100 years of seeking wisdom at UWA. L$10,000 will be awarded to the best machinima poster

LENGTH: 4 mins 30 seconds is the strongly recommended length, but this is not a hard rule. The UWA Special Prize however can only go to a machinima that fits within the recommended length.

METHOD OF ENTRY: Load the Machinima anywhere, preferably youtube or vimeo, provide link to Jayjay Zifanwe & LaPiscean Liberty

We look forward to seeing what you find when you SEEK WISDOM.

Somerville Auditorium
Sunken Garden
Mosaic Marble Floor
Moreton Bay Fig
Winthrop Tower Clock and Balconette
Hans Arkeveld's 'Celestian'
Paul R. Montford's 'Socrates'
Business School
Whitfeld Memorial Seat
Lysippus, Apoxyomenos
UWA Second Life Presence
Rodney Alsop Memorial Seat & Reflection Pond
Victor Wagner's 'Diotima'
Winged Lion Frieze (Fly When Teleporting)

New Fortune Theatre
Rose Window

To find out the background of each of these treasures, please check the online 100 Treasures From UWA book:

* Please acknowledge the works you feature and the lands you film at
* If you need to rezz (blue screen etc), contact Jayjay Zifanwe or FreeWee Ling
* If you have questions or want to discuss anything, please contact Jayjay Zifanwe

Professor Ted Snell (RL) - Director, Cultural Precinct, The University of Western Australia
Dr Sue Boyd (RL) - Member of Senate, UWA, Chair, UWA Centenary Planning Committee (Former Australian High-Commissioner & Consul General)
Jon Stubbs (RL) - Director of Student Services, UWA
Penny Young (RL) - Alumni & Networks Coordinator, UWA
Virginia Rowland (RL) - Senior Policy Officer, Centenary Planning, UWA
Adia Yu (RL) - Quantum Enginered Systems Centre of Excellence Coordinator, UWA
FreeWee Ling (SL) - Curator, UWA 3D Open Art Challenge
LaPiscean Liberty (SL) - CEO AviewTV and UWA Virtual World Technical Media Advisor
Wagner James Au (RL) / Hamlet Au (SL) - Editor in Chief of New World Notes
Apmel Goosson - Scandinavian Author/Publisher
Nazz Lane (SL) - Journalist and Author
Apollo Manga (SL) - Writer & Novelist
Dr. Phylis Johnson (RL) - Media Professor, Southern Illinois University, Author - Machinima: Aesthetics and Practice (a.k.a, Sonicity Fitzroy, SL Virtual Journalist)
Mal Burns (SL), Metaverse News Aggregator and Broadcaster
Chestnut Rau (SL) - Journalist
Thirza Ember (SL) - Art Blog Writer
Dousa Dragonash (SL) - COO Metaverse Television
Rowan Derryth (SL) - Art & Design Historian; Writer for Prim Perfect Publications
Jay  Jay Jegathesan (RL) / Jayjay Zifanwe (SL) - Manager School of Physics/ Lead of UWA Virtual Worlds

1st Prize: L$120,000
2nd Prize: L$100,000
3rd Prize: L$80,000
4th Prize: L$60,000
5th Prize: L$40,000
6th - 10th Prize: :@$24,000
UWA Special Prize: L$100,000 (awarded by UWA members of the committee)
Best Machinima Poster: L$10,000 (awarded by Aview TV)

* Special thanks to Eliza Wierwight for creating the wonderful poster for this challenge
* Special thanks also to the creators of the UWA Treasures in Second Life. These include Chuckmatrix Clip, quadrapop Lane, Nyx Breen, Bradley Dorchester (Bradley Curnow, RL), Ninka Darkstone, MichealAnthony Wirefly (Micheal Flynn, RL), Lilli Field, Dragonmage Bogan (Dr Chris Thorne, RL), Sharni Azalee & Minny Werefox (Minh Tran, RL).
* Special thanks also to our sponsors Aview TV (LaPiscean Liberty) and The Tornado Gallery (Taralyn Gravois)

More information on New Courses 2012 @ UWA

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Eeehm... yeah How can I tell you:) As you know, or maybe not, Karima and I made a seek wisdom video and after it was finished, she shows it on her blog and wrote a comment about the video, our collaboration, the UWA event and all the other contestants who are and were in the actual and the earlier UWA events.

Jayjay Zifanwe then repeated three quarters of Karima's comment at the UWA blog, because "it speaks to the heart of all the amazing collaborations that have happened through serendipity since the UWA presence was formed"

I won't repeat it here, but you can read it here:

Or the full text here:

Please don't misunderstand, that's not an ad or something,  just a view of the wonderful things which can happen in virtual worlds :)




Congratulations on such a positive reception for such a great collaboration, well done you both :)

As Nat points out, I feel so strongly that creative collaborations that can be born through sharing our virtual world experiences are nothing short of miraculous.To give honor where honor is due, Nat's and my connection..was made first right here on M.A.G...and I bet a few others can say that too :) Good luck to all the individual and collaborative entries in this wonderful machinima celebration which is the "MachinimUWA V"

here r the results. congrates to all winners. -  6 members where involved - happy and proud

i did a bit of math. L$ 559.164 in total have been won by our members. that's roundabout US$ 2.000. not bad .-))

MACHINIMUWA V: SEEK WISDOM - Overall Winners of the M.A.G Members

THE LAST SYLLABLE OF RECORDED TIME by Tutsy Navarathna (Pondicherry, India)

SEEK WISDOM by Karima Hoisan (Costa Rica) & Natascha Randt (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)

>RUN RAM by Tikaf Viper (Rome, Italy)

THE FOUR GODS OF FOLLY by Hypatia Pickens (Rochester, New York, USA)

COLOURS by pallina60 Loon (Rome, Italy)

RUNNING WITH SCISSORS by Chic Aeon (Corvallis, Oregon, USA)

INVOCATION by Yesikita Coppola (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

SEEK WISDOM by Pyewacket Bellman (New York, USA)

SEEK WISDOM by Pyewacket Bellman (New York, USA)
Chic Aeon (Corvallis, Oregon, USA) - RUNNING WITH SCISSORS
Pyewacket Bellman (New York, USA) - SEEK WISDOM 
so we have 10 members who received an award - fantastico !!!
here is the working link.-)



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