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Science Organization looking to hire a machinimatographer for short teaching film

Carol Anne Hagele contacted me and asked if I could post the following: it's not as dull as it looks.  Her institution wants a fantasy dramatization for elementary school children that will alert them to some serious insect threats in a Public Service Announcement.  There will be remuneration (I asked her).  It also has a deadline.  Please feel free to contact her (information below):


Attention machinima creators: We are looking for someone who is well versed in this technology and might be interested discussing the feasibility of creating a machinima-style public service announcement (PSA) in a short amount of time that will help the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District in West Covina, California address the current crisis of invasive Asian tiger mosquitoes.


  • ·        The audience will be elementary school children in southern California (grades K-6).
  • ·        The focus is to raise awareness of where these mosquitoes are found, what they look like and how to get rid of them.
  • ·        The vision is to create a short video featuring a fanciful, but slightly malevolent, Tiger mosquito woman-fairy (must be tastefully dressed) who introduces the audience to her world of hidden water sources within an urban garden jungle where she causes trouble for the humans that live there. Our vision is for captivating creativity without the art overwhelming and obscuring the message. It must include clear, representational imagery of specific items recognizable to the audience and typically found in yards (see for details on breeding sources)
  • ·        Video length to be discussed
  • ·        This PSA will be displayed to large audiences in an auditorium or cafeteria setting via laptop and projector during a school assembly.


For more information and/or to discuss the feasibility of this project please contact Carol Anne either by phone Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM or by email (see contact information below).



Carol Anne Hagele

Education Specialist

San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District

1145 N. Azusa Canyon Road, West Covina, CA 91790

Phone: (626) 814-9466;




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I looked up aedes aldopictus (Asian Tiger mosquito).  Impressive and horrible insect.  Details here:

I imagine the evil fairy mosquito could wear quite a fantastic black and white striped garment.  I'd do this if I weren't supposed to write two long postponed conference papers (first one due in a month). Also need to get a new space navi. :(

Sounds like a wonderful project for someone, unfortunately not me though. I look forwards to watch this project develop and hope we may see the eventual outcome here, if anyone runs with it :)



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