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This viewer was created and is maintained by Henri Beauchamp (This viewer was formerly known as the "Cool SL Viewer" and its first public release was v1.18.4.3, released on 2007-11-16). It combines elements of several of
the other viewers, as well as extra features, bug fixes and extra
patches, all very carefully tested.

It puts emphasis on high UI coherency from one version to the other (meaning no bad surprise for "old timers") while staying in sync with Linden Lab's official viewer features (it's not a fork which would
get outdated with time), high stability and reliability, and a high
reactivity to new patches and bug fixes provided by the Open Source

An "old" v1.19 (legacy renderer) branch is also maintained for the benefit of "old" computer users, which also gets most of the essential features of newer viewers back-ported to it (Mono scripting
and adult compliance, for example).

Extra Features

  • Reverses many of the unpopular interface changes, restoring separate friends and groups floaters and reinstating the packet loss and bandwidth indicators, the old toolbar and buttons layouts, the
    old/normal commands layout in the pie menus, the "All(old)" search tab,
    the old style (name-sortable) "Groups" search tab, the "Fly" button in
    the movement controls floater, and optionally reinstating the
    old, more visible, status bar icons and/or tracking dots in the
    mini-map, and the old chat history floater (without chat input line).
    Also fixes some UI regressions (missing buttons in some floaters, or
    visited landmarks tracking in inventory for example).
  • Implements the "RestrainedLove" API (formely known as "RestrainedLife"), based on Marine Kelley's reference patch (switchable and disabled by default).
  • Allows to configure the date and time formats to match your locale or personal preferences (including with optional seconds for chat and IM timestamps).
  • Allows to wear/remove attachments and clothing items on double-click in inventory.
  • Allows to optionally prevent notifications to show and be logged in the main chat.
  • Allows to disable typing sounds.
  • MUD/MUSH/MUCK/MUX style "poses" (i.e. you can type ":" instead of "/me " to emote), and OOC double parenthesis auto-close (i.e. you can type: "((phone, BRB" and it will show as "((phone, BRB))").
  • Allows to hide the "Master volume" when not needed in the panel overlay (and the "Release Keys" button for v1.19.2).
  • Allows to build large prims (up to 256m in any or all dimensions) on OpenSim (not on SL, because of server-side limitations).
  • Improved friends list floater (with info about what your friends allow you to see: tehri online status and/or their position on the map).
  • Improved build tools floater (smaller increments in several parameters, extra "slice" parameter for some prims, transparency up to 100%, check box toggle for drag distance limit, adjustable number of
    decimals in Object tab for the position/size/rotation parameters). Also
    allows to set the "invisible" texture from the texture picker (for
  • Improved texture preview floater (with aspect ratio combo).
  • Improved notecard floater (with Edit menu and Search/replace feature).
  • Improved mini-map with panning, larger zooming range, specific symbol for avatars above 1024m (work around for a limitation of current server and viewer versions), etc...
  • Improved beacons: can filter beacons based on owner (you, others or anyone), can highlight attachments, can dissociate non-object sound sources, can keep beacons "always on" even when the beacons
    floater is closed.
  • Allows to export and import objects you own and created as XML files (for backup and restore purpose, or to transfer objects from one grid to another).
  • Allows to connect to all existing grids (and not only LL's) from the login screen.
  • Allows network bandwidth over 1500Kbps (and up to 8000Kbps).
  • Allows to save/compile scripts present in the inventory as Mono scripts.
  • Allows to teleport to double-clicked locations on screen.
  • Allows to sit anywhere "on the ground".
  • Allows to cache the inventory in the background after login (for faster inventory operations).
  • Allows to preview animations on your avatar prior to uploading them.
  • Implements a radar floater.
  • Implements a teleports history floater.
  • Implements a "Worn" tab in the inventory floater, and a search/filter by item name, description or creator.
  • Implements "speed rezzing" on login and TPs.
  • Implements an object "area search" floater.
  • Allows to ignore (and not only decline) friendship and calling card offers.
  • Shows avatar keys in profile (in "My notes" tab).
  • Shows the avatar true height in the appearance floater.
  • Renders properly objects worn on the illegal attachment points defined in some hacked third parties viewers.
  • NEW: Provides full support for the new Alpha and Tattoo wearables ! Note: this feature is for now only fully implemented in the v1.23 branch of the Cool VL Viewer (the alphas still do not render
    properly in the v1.19 branch for now).
  • Implements various backports for the v1.19.2 version (Mono compilation support, adult searches and compliance, build and TP up to 4096m, bulk set permissions, TP on double-click on LM in inventory, edit
    terrain "force" setting, security fixes, etc).
  • Many bugfixes by Henri Beauchamp, Nicholaz Beresford, Gigs Taggart, Blakar Ogre, McCabe Maxsted and others.
  • More minor features and improvements, to be discovered on the website...
  • All switchable extra features easily configurable via a "Cool features" tab in the preferences floater.


Version and timestamp

  • Version : (stable viewer with legacy renderer)
  • Date : 2010/04/03
  • Version : (stable viewer with Windlight renderer)
  • Date : 2010/04/03
  • Status : All Active

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