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Avatar Katey Coppola is the producer of this event.  Her blog it a good place to start for information on the fair:♥-pose-fair-2012/

This year they have two SIMs full of makers and their wears.  Go low-prim and pull your draw distance down or you'll lag. Here are the SLURLs!

POSE FAIR FAMILY – located on the North sim

The Best of SL is doing a photo contest for the event, see their blog at

If in-world information, join the Pose Fair Information group at secondlife:///app/group/be0de4dc-c28f-ddeb-8a69-753654c8b99b/about ..just paste that link into a local chat window and it will bring up the group information window which you can use to join the group.  Its free.

SL has put this in as a Destination Guide pick:

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I did the north SIM ...found some great poses and animations.

I did both and found something, too:) The north is more pg&family and some very funny stuff and the south more for the adult people.

This place is awesome.  I got the coolest woodpile animation.  Very realistic chopping, split wood flying and thudding... :)

I enjoy the faires get to see a wide range of makers and can often find interesting things you didn't know you wanted *coughs* needed. I like to use static poses for some machinima shots ...especially any shots that zoom in from a distance.  (there is a bug in SL that causes some animations to run really fast when you are viewing them from a distance).

Yeah, interesting is the right word:)  I got the wood pile anim thing, too and it fits well with the tree felling anim thing from another maker (not at the fair) omg, seems I have to hide it from the guardians of the trees :)

You're in big trouble, Nat.  Hey wait.  So'm I.

 But I also got the water pump.  And I wanted to get the Mediterranean Shower, but it wasn't for sale, and the creator's shops have all disappeared.  Such is .... meh.

A lot of the pose fair was "meh."  A lot of the same cute sh*t.  I want some dynamic animations that belong in everyday life, not just knock knees and romance.

Lol Hyp, right, you're in trouble, too. But the pose fair is for POSES:) and I am really happy that there can be found animations and not only static poses. I dont know what "meh" means ( eeehm sure I know, but never heard the term). But please consider that there are a lot of photographers out there and what they need are static poses.

I guess I meant "dynamic poses"... I take photos too but I've found that poses work well in machinima (see Love Prayer).  

meh... an American Internet expression meaning "I feel lukewarm about this."  Like "ehhh."  Like a shrug of the shoulders.  Like a dismissive wave of the hand.  It's fairly rude!  hahahahahahah  Forgive me, I will snoop around the fair more.  But it's laggy, and the romantic poses don't make up for all that effort (walking in place). Those poses are helpful, but what I really want are some of the poses Lainy Voom used in Dagon (guy leaning back in chair, guy putting his head down on the desk (I know that's around), guy resting his head against the wall, guy lying down with arm over his eyes, guy draped over the edge of the boat, etc.  A little more ordinary than what Del May is doing now.  She's fantastic but she's gone very "baroque"  (I've bought quite a few of her poses. :)  ) ) ) 



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