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The latest version of Mesh Viewer (Mesh Development Latest Build) I used it, and was supposed to be the depth of focus. Until now, that was not and is not processed or Photoshop, I can now in real time on the viewer.

This, Mesh beta grid, so the viewer but, in fact Kirstens Viewer is used, has the same features.

I saw a rather quick! I took the video.







If done properly, can take a picture should ever before. Where to focus, 3D mouse that is off, how the biggest problem. The debug mode CameraPositionSmoothing, and 1.0 from 30.0 to change much, the mouse Alt + If you set to move the screen slowly, click the stars align cousin focused, so switched slowly And I take the video to feel good.

Please tell me if there is also a good way.


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