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Site Rules


Our members carry the distinction of being part of a community dedicated to furthering machinima. We expect our members to conduct themselves, in a manner that promotes the Guild and its goals. Behavior contrary to this resulting in multiple banishments and/or discipline by our moderators are grounds to be removed from the Guild.


Although work may be showcased here for technical critique, the main purpose of this site is to provide information and collaboration to assist members in production and to achieve goals within the community.

Any discussions or displays that detract from this purpose will be deleted. Persistent incidents could result in removal from membership.


The Guild accepts machinima from the diverse platforms that exist in today's virtual enviroments and games.

We ask that you limit video uploads to 1 per day, and still images to 10 per day. They will be exhibited upon approval.

To be reviewed for approval, machinima in a language other than English must provide subtitles in English.

Because of copyright considerations we ask that contributers only submit work that they have secured rights to the media used to produce the machinima.

This is a PG rated group so some minor risqué content is acceptable so long as its purpose is for continuity of a greater non-sexual storyline. That being said, the following items are deemed unacceptable:

  • Unless the intent is to educate, any racial or social intolerance will not be permitted.
  • Excessive profanity. (An occasional word or two for emphasis is ok.) Remember, profanity may prevent your machinima from being selected for use in certain public exhibitions.
  • Machinima that exhibits scenes of nude or semi-nude children.
  • Machinima that depicts children in the presence of, participating in or observing sexual activity.
  • Machinima that is pornographic, or where sexual activity, implied or otherwise, is the main vehicle used to impart the storyline. This condition applies to both audio and visual content.

We must also stay within the parameters set forth by the NING PLATFORM TOS that supports this site.

Finally the Machinima Artists Guild's Administrators and assigned Moderators may delete content on the site deemed inappropriate by the above guidelines, without prior notice or explanation.


First, review the site rules above and the Ning Platform TOS. You probably missed something within your video or photo that was outside of site guidelines.

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