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March 2010 Blog Posts (4)

mischiefworks part 2

well i tried an isp that has a lot of experience with opensim but it didnt work for me since i got the cheapest thing possible. but i like oars and things like that. or even change my password or a new account. opensim lets you do that.

i sold half my vast region on second life (ok it was not that vast) so i am left with a little bit and *someone* is filling up with…


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well a lot work has gone into mischiefwork for nothing at all. i maintain a project on my web which is me mostly and i have a mischiefworks at sl but no people.

i have a stroke almost two years ago and a seizure five month later. so i was not able to do much. last year i did something, but i dont remember what i did.

this year i hope to do better. first i go with the classic machinima where the actions and sounds go into a "game"…


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NEWSFLASH.... The Professional Machinima Artists Guild OPEN to ALL PLATFORMS!

Just a bit of news. The administrators of The Professional Machinima Artists Guild have decided since the scope of that site is professional quality machinima, the site will embrace ANY machinima made on ANY platform.

So persons that have been experimenting with MAYA, 3DMAX, POSER, MOVESTORM, GARYS MOD and others can now show their professional features.

Happy Machinima Making!

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Machinima featured in March BOSL

I am an events reporter for BOSL, as most of you know. This month in the Best of Second Life Magazine (BOSL), see machinima stories about Cisko (p, 233) and Pooky (p. 253) in the

Looking ahead: event coverage of MAG Award ceremonies and MMIF in April issue (at least that is the plan, remember I have editors - they have the final say. But they have been very supportive toward my machinima…

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