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Member ColeMarie Soleil (RockerFaerie) is recognized in HIberia 3D News.

Hey everyone. Our own beloved ColeMarie Soleil, who is also known as RockerFaerie, was featured in the Hiperia 3D News Online for her machinima, "Metropolis".

On behalf of the Guild I send you a…


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The Guild now has a GROUP on the DAILYMOTION video hosting website

I am happy to announce that the Guild now has a group established on the Dailymotion video hosting website. My biggest criteria for selecting sites to expand to are coverage and high definition capabilities. Dailymotion meets these requirements and by upgrading membership to "MotionMaker" status you gain the high definition video…


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The "Art with Attitude" Network... What is it?

I have been asked by many of you what is the purpose of the “Art with Attitude” or “AWA Network” links we provide near the end of the “Site Rules” and under the “Machinima” tab.

Simply put, if you have produced work and upon reviewing the rules here, fear it will not fall within the guidelines of the "Second Life Machinima Artists Guild", you may instead exhibit it there. The site is like the “Wild West” in that it is not moderated as far as we can tell! Think of it as the “Pressure… Continue

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Check out the High Tech online newspaper, HIPERIA 3D NEWS!

It was my honor to recently have the machinima, “Anime Space Exploration Team” featured in the high tech online newspaper, HIPERIA 3D NEWS. The Guild was also mentioned.

It is exciting to see how our members are being recognized daily for their talent; in turn the Second Life Machinima Artist Guild is fast becoming the in crowd for Second Life Machinimers everywhere!

Throw on your gown or tuxedo… Continue

Added by Lowe Runo on April 27, 2009 at 3:27am — 3 Comments

Article brings attention to Machinima, the Guild, the USO and Chaffro Schoonmaker too!

I was recently interviewed by Steadman Kondor with The Victoriana Times Online, a newspaper that reaches many hundreds of Second Life residents. The experience was rewarding and I found Mr. Kondor to be very interested in machinima arts. I was able to mention the work of guild member Chaffro Schoonmaker since Victoriana…


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Changes to the daily video submission rate.


We, the site moderators and myself, have decided to limit video submissions to one per day.

This decision was made in response to several members concerns that work was not being featured enough on the main page for other members to enjoy and critique.

This decision also encourages us to self-critique our work a bit more before throwing it all out there at one time. Often our best work becomes hidden this way.

I’m sure some of us may not be… Continue

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I want members to know that one of the provisions of getting FREE useage of the NING platform, is the addition of the advertising column by NING. The advertisers featured are NOT PRESCREENED by me, nor do I have control over what is placed there. LET THE BUYER BEWARE.



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Last Moderator position filled!

Join me in congratulating Yani who shall fill the 3rd and final Moderators chair. Yani promotes the Guild selflessly and has given of his time and finances to encourage creativity among Guild members. I believe between Toxic, Cisko, Yani and myself we cover most world timezones so that your work can be reviewed and posted without delay. I want to thank ALL members for your participation, involvement and contibution to this community. Your respect and love of machinima and all things related to… Continue

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Got a desire to dance some salsa and learn about the Colombian Culture?

Hey everyone! From time-to-time I would like to feature other networks and websites of which our members are involved. Our own latin machinimer Paisa Vella is very involved in the COLOMBIAMOR network here on Ning. This network was formed to interact with the Colombiamor Sim inworld. They have an active, friendly community and thank God they are patient with gringos like me, always…


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Seat number two has been filled!

I have chosen Cisko Vandeverre to be our sites 2nd moderator. This was an easy decision for me because Cisko has been involved with the Guild from the very beginning. He always finds time to help a fledgling machinima maker and has sponsored many interesting and fun projects. So congratulate him when you can and feel free to message him, Toxic Menges or myself when you have a question.

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Hey MEMBERS both NEW and OLD... As the weekend approaches I recommend taking time and viewing the content our members have submitted. We truly have a KICK ASS library of machinima and I suggest perusing member’s pages and viewing videos made by individuals rather then as a whole lump so you can develop a sense of style and uniqueness of the bright stars that are part of the Guild.

I have heard murmurings about beginning both a Group for NEWBIES and one for PROS (I fall in between… Continue

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I have decided to fill one of the site moderator slots!

Because of the economy and shortage of manpower, my work situation in the corporeal world has gotten more demanding. For this reason I have accelerated making my decision about selecting one of the 3 new site moderators.

I have chosen Toxic Menges. Her love of machinima and the Guild makes her an ideal choice and her willingness to help is a reassurance to me. Please join me in congratulating Toxic and demonstrate the respect and support to her that you have given me throughout these… Continue

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State of the Guild address.

Hello everyone,

So many good things to talk about with you our members! First, I want you to know how proud I am of our members and their creativity. I had the opportunity along with Cisko Vandeverre to participate in the last VIO meeting, (Virtual Innovative Opportunities, There I discussed how much talent we have within our ranks and the viability of future projects for compensation. Everyone copied down our links and many perused our content before and… Continue

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Welcome NEW MEMBERS to the Guild!

Hey. It’s been some time since I’ve spoken to you. This was mostly due to a 3-month illness that started as the flu and ended up bronchitis.

I am now much better so I want to extend a warm welcome to our wave of new members. Some of the work I’m seeing is truly cutting edge. We also have many members just beginning to experiment with machinima. All I ask is that the more experienced people help the noobies por favor. (Smiles)

Also Yani is beginning a new contest for March,… Continue

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Quick note on my health

I want to apologize for not be around as much as usual and greeting new members.

As it turns out I was premature assessing my health. My cough has been persistent for a month now and my RL friends drug me to the doctor (I hate going to doctors). Good thing I went. I had a touch of walking pneumonia and now I’m taking some horse pill sized antibiotics.

Thanks Yani, SpyVspy and Rysan and any others that have been filling the gap. I appreciate it so much. Now I’m going off… Continue

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Thanks to Rysan's suggestion we now have a GROUP INWORLD!

Hi everyone.

Our little tribe is growing so fast that I totally forgot inworld organization. Kudos to Rysan for pointing this out! If your member name differs from your SL name and you wish to join, please mail me your proper Second Life name and I will send you a group invite. Our inworld group name is "SL Machinima Artists Guild" and is limited to only those involved in machinima production in some form. PLEASE JOIN SOON!


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EVERYBODY... and I mean EVERYBODY can relate to eviromental concerns and our world. Thus the theme Yanni selected for the CONTEST he is sponsering here at the GUILD! Let's support his generosity and genuine concern for our world by PARTICIPATING! I expect to have my socks blown off by some AWESOME VIDS! Click on the EVENT TAB for more information and rules.

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Feeling better and with news of FREE STUFF worth $250

Greetings everyone,

Yes I'm still alive, and I bring good news. There is a FREE PLUG IN named cartoonr for most Video Editing platforms including the MAC. It is valued at $250, but the company is offering it for free to get you to try their products.

Here is the address:

The plugin turns your regular movies into a line drawn animated cartoon, which is kinda cool!


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From my death bed!

Nah... I'm just being dramatic, but in truth, I have been fighting a persistent flu bug since New Years day.

I wanted to express my "shock and awe" at the talent exhibited by our members. You guys are truly awesome and the different genres of machinima you make are facinating.

Since I'm writing whilst battling a mild fever, I'm going to begin nagging about groups once again. I would love to see some of you take the inititive and start/lead a group, preferably one whose… Continue

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Wishing Everyone Good Tidings this Holiday!

Hey everyone,

I will be traveling the real life highways this Christmas, hopefully joining my family and loved ones for the Holidays.

I will be back in a couple weeks, maybe with a little inspiration for a new machinima project.


ColeMarie was asking about finding actors for a project! I suggest that each member consider starting/leading a group who's theme is one that they feel is their strongest talent. ACTING,… Continue

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