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Attention Guild Members. Please notify a moderator if you are approached by scammers.

It was brought to my attention that we had new member who was approaching other members asking for friendship and then trying to encourage them to another web site regarding a money making scheme.

These types of transactions are prohibited on this website (see site rules). We are only dedicated to all things regarding the making of machinima. Commercial pursuits outside of this theme are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN and will result in INSTANT BANNING from the Guild. I have already sanctioned the offending party and apologize to anyone who had to deal with them.

Please let a site moderator know immediately if you are approached by any member trying to convince you to invest in or subscribe to any other website.

Our moderators are Yani, Cisko, Larkworthy, Toxic, hadji and myself.

Thank you.

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Comment by Lowe Runo on August 13, 2009 at 3:02pm
I will see if I can find room in the top left header... If not maybe Cisko can add it as a detail under the main logo.
Comment by Asil on August 13, 2009 at 2:39pm
Hi Lowe ... Suggest you perminently feature the site moderators so they are easier find. Would also be nice if the site admins put a note in their personal profile page, so Users will know they are moderators when they view their page. ...Cheers, Asil


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