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I'm pleased to say that last friday my final installation for degree show was complete, with research etc. I do wonder how it will go down with the public, show opens on 16th of June and is primarily using SL avatar shadows (a bit like the Windows 4or vid i have posted here)... I may upload some pictures of how the space looks so you cann all see how SL machinima can be used in a proffesional art installation. I have some time now so may begin work on the competition deadline for 21st June... depends... might be too much with degree show running and all... must invigilate the show every day, which then goes to London... so I will not be completely free to make machinima at leasure until early July.

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Comment by bildreth on June 9, 2011 at 7:53am
Well, no news yet, the show doesn't open until 16th. of June so I'll post some images of the actual opening afterwards, here's an image or two of how the space looks... the idea is that people can go behind the back projection screens i built.. they are three screens which fold back in opposite to the flight sim style used with three monitors, I tried that first, but it was less inviting for people to go behind the screens and mix their shadows with the Avatar shadows and become part of the work. I ran all three projectors with a Matrox Triplehead2go from a laptop. The images do not fit entirely onto the screen/sculpture and thus they fire up the surrounding walls in the space... This helps the feeling of immersion, like the flight sim idea aforementioned, and the movement of various real world imagery (descending brick walls and smoke etc) which are blue-screened behind the avatar shadows make the room feel like its moving quite well... deliberately tried to subvert the idea of the rectangular screen image, rather than use the screens to host typical well fitted projections, more constructivist shapes suited me better...[grins]
Comment by Asil on June 8, 2011 at 1:28pm
Congratulations, William; break a leg!  If you have time to do real life photos, I'd love to see them posted as comments to this blog-post.  Links to news articles would be really interesting too.


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