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Fantasia - About the action of not doing anything

Fantasia - About the action of not doing anything


Our essence is a stage.Therefore, not the recorded movie but an interactive movie is researched in virtual world. 

The difference of this meaning is a movie and a theater play. 


"Fantasia"is Tramp family's content.

If you go to this area, you don't do anything.Because, this is imagined scenery of you.Only you have to do is think about you and your own.Fantasia is just a stage to take it to outside.I think that,"Fantasia is true mind.So,we can stare my mind in Fantasia."


By the way,a stage has two sides,the one side is player and the other side is audience.

But,we don't separate to each other.

My partner Tramp says,"Stage is taking our energy to outside of our mind.But,Fantasia is gathering our energy for inside of our mind"

Thus,we're not only player but also audience in Fantasia.



We have any Fantasia scenes.We can comfortable and chill out in every scene.



Written by Hana (ICSG).

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Comment by Tramp family on January 28, 2011 at 10:52am

Hi Asil:)

Thank you for your kindness.

But,we will not invite.

Comment by Asil on January 27, 2011 at 12:13pm
Hi Tramp Family ... If part of your reason for posting this blog is invite machinimatrographers to your land in SecondLife to shoot their own machinimas, please consider adding a SLUrl location. ... Kind regards, Asil


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