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Am I nervous? Yes I am, but I'm also exited. I hope everyone who enters here learns something new concerning the creative process.

As for me, I am a NOOB at making machinima. My first barbaric machinima was made in August of this year (2008).

My formal training is as a professional still photographer. I worked for the State of Florida in this respect for 15 years and suffered some "creative burn-out". Now, I find the challenge of making motion pictures in a virtual world intriguing and enjoyable.

All I ask of our members is to be respectful. Criticize someone’s work by invitation only and in an unhurtful manner. Do not STEAL someone’s IDEA if they thought enough of you to ask advice concerning a project.

If we keep these things in mind I believe we will have a successful and creative network here.

Thanks again and WELCOME!

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Comment by Asil on November 22, 2008 at 7:07pm
So happy you created this group. We will learn together!


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