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I relented and made a GUILD group on youTube.

Ok… Here it is… Your wish is my command. We now have a GROUP on youTube. I relented even though they have pissed me off in the past… LOL

It is moderated so your stuff may not appear immediately, and I’m starting to spread myself pretty thin these days.


Show only your BEST work of which you are most PROUD.

Remember they are infamous for removing copyrighted materials, even when the user clearly has used the material under the FAIR USE law.

Here is the URL:

Yours truly… Lowe.

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Comment by Pyewacket Bellman on June 18, 2009 at 11:18pm
I agree with Rosco - links would be - not only because of the "spreading it thin" bit - but uploading is a pain!
Comment by Rosco Teardrop on May 21, 2009 at 7:31pm
Thanks Lowe, this has real potential.

To carry on from the blog discussion on Metacafe, I would recommend that you do not host machinima in this channel, but only link to all our own current youtube productions.

Once you get to be as big as the channel then people will be desperate to have you host their films. But for now, noone really should want to spread their work out to too many places, as the numbers are still miniscule in Youtube stats. It's more effective to have our own Youtube channels where we try and get more views, and get any films in there linked to SLMAG.

For this to work then, you need suggestions od SL machinima on other channels. If these are of good enough quality then you can add them as favourites. Is this what you mean by "moderate"?

This channel then becomes a place that SL filmmakers will strive to produce better films in the hope that they will be featured. It is the approach that takes, and regardless of our opinions of how they operate, they are nevertheless the most successful machinima community.

As for the concern that youtube may take down any machinima that contains copytrighted music, well, hey, that is maybe a goofr lesson for anyone wanting to make it big in the machinima world. You just can't use other people's IP. The biggest example of how this can really give you a major downer is Phil Rice's "Mail Rest Room Ettiquete" made in Sims 2.

Good luck Lowe, setting this up and making it work.

One point of concern, now that I think about it. If this really takes off then Linden labs will not allow their trademark to be used. You might need a different channel name. See
Comment by Lowe Runo on May 21, 2009 at 4:11pm
Oh... now would be a good time to decide on and solidify a GUILD Trademark or seal. I will consider any submissions that come my way... Artists... Now is your chance!


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