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NeoVictoria, a steampunk experiment in machinima and freeform roleplay

The official opening of the Machinima Tools building in NeoVictoria, with a celebration of Tikaf Vipers' machinima "The Kiss" is scheduled for this Tuesday (29-June), so I thought it time to share a few words about NeoVictoria here on the M.A.G. Some of the folks reading this already know me and my love for role-play, writing, machinima and improvisation. For those who don't, I invite you to read this thread and if what you find intrigues you, come in-world to visit and consider becoming a member of our community.

I've been in SecondLife for years, virtual worlds fascinate me and I found SecondLife particularly compelling, because its content is created by its players ...SL doesn’t have to be a creatively passive user experience. However, I didn't really click into the platform until I rediscovered role-playing. Now, there are all kinds of role-play communities in SL, and yes …the ones that get most of the press are salacious, full of pixel sex and dirty chat. However, the ones that interested me didn’t base their canon on 1970s bondage fantasies, but rather, were created around a post-apocalyptic world replete with demons, angels, vampires and the occasional human. I’m writing about “The City of Lost Angels” and the world created by Suzanna Soyinka.

It amazed me, how much time and energy the residents of these communities invested in their characters and roleplays. As is often the way, I found myself joining several clans (or factions) in different subscribing SIMs. I became very close with some of the players, including my dear roleplay “cousin” Kwekwe Karu (also a member of this site), who wrote a wonderful short story about how our characters met. This backstory became the source material for my first serious machinima, “Kwekwe Turned”. After that, it was only a matter of time before I learned I needed the technical control of a full SIM to shoot machinima the way I wanted to make it. And then, the desire to expand that vision into a community began to take hold.

And that is how NeoVictoria formed in my mind. I’ve always loved Steampunk, and when I dreamed about creating a world, it was those kinds of images that came to me. And I love the possibility of a community whose roleplay isn’t lost once the scene is over. NeoVictoria is a unique role-playing platform that brings creative people together in a supportive and collaborative environment. The ultimate goal of NeoVictoria is to create a virtuous circle where role-play becomes machinima which generates value for the community.

I don’t desire NeoVictoria to be SIM-chain with hundreds of players and dozens of factions, but rather, a small community of gifted artists who work together to bring their stories out of SecondLife and into the world of the real. To learn more about the project, please read the online press release or contact me via this site.

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Comment by Asil on August 28, 2010 at 5:47pm
NeoVictoria's main SIM is scheduled to open to the public this Wednesday!
Comment by Asil on August 1, 2010 at 7:06pm


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