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NEW MACHINIMA BOOK... Lowe Runo may come knocking at your door!

In the upcoming weeks I will be approaching certain members of the Machinima Artists Guild regarding participation in creating a new book on the “Art and Practice of Machinima”.

The book is being authored by guild member Sonicity Fitzroy, who in real life is a former chairperson and associate professor at a notable midwestern university with a top ranked media program. She has successfully published three books, along with numerous international and national publications, and I see participation in this project as a great opportunity to further enhance the Guilds reputation as a great place to learn about all things fun and machinima.

Besides the obvious possible reward of notoriety for being included in a nationally published book, this will provide our most special members an opportunity to give back to the public some of the “spark” that got them involved in making machinima in the first place.

The members I approach only need to provide a brief biographic paragraph and have produced at least one “original work” that is free of copyright or that they have acquired the rights to the content.

There will be a follow-up interview so that you can make a statement as an artist as well as any technical or how-to tidbits you may wish to share about your featured machinima.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Here’s to a happy healthy Machinima Artists Guild.

Lowe Runo.

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Comment by cisko vandeverre on September 19, 2009 at 4:29am


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