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Hello everyone, Im new here, found this website thanks to Chic Aeon.

In the past I made some movies about club Malibu Nights, A club that does not longer exist anymore, It was in the starting years of me being but just a NooB on the block.

Its some years later now and im still doing all sort of creative stuff, like my passion for photoshop SL image manipulations, and making video's  ( not only about SL) 

My tools:  Fraps, Corel Video studio pro x5 ultimate, audacity, windows movie maker, camtasia studio 4, and some other tools.

I only got some older machinema to show as of now, since i've not been filming for a long time now.

The past:  

In the past I had a game called The movies, by lionhead, in which I created machinema and mainly loved to do voice overs.

I wrote my own little scripts, unfortunately all those movies are lost since they pulled the data sever back in 2007 I believe, and i have no back ups on disk.

SO who am I? what do i do in SL?

Well i am me, im not a sl=sl rl=rl guy, cause thats nonsense, you deal with real people here and emotions in SL can affect RL and RL thoguhts influence the SL world. 

I met a great family, when i started SL, friends From America whilst I being form the Netherlands, I have never seen them RL close and personal but it will be my dream to visit my SL friends I've know for years now and who I consider my true core SL family.

Im a creative guy, I will never claim I'm very professional or know all about machinema or sl picture photoshop manipulations.

Some call me modest, but im just me.

Well what else?  just bought a RL green screen cloth and currently practising croma key,  its so much easier using chroma key with SL footage :)

You may ask me questions or contact me in sl if you wish.

Keep creative :)

and blessed be all :)


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