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Machinimatographer Needed for Urban Shoot

This is my first adventure into hiring someone to do a job for me. This is a BIG job so this one is not for the faint of heart. I don;t want to get long and drawn out so if you want to know about me go to to see my credentials. I am taking a web site simulation of a day in the life of an urban student and bringing it to second life. There are several national organizations that are interested in using this as a training for teachers etc. Look Up UCEA Duquesne University Center for Social Justice.

I already have the script and someone is already working on the build.

The participant will go from room to room which is each its own scene. at the end of each door are two doors and you choose which door to enter based on what you think the child decided to do based on the situation in the movie. At the end there is obvious discussion about urban education etc. There is also a web site to add your answers to several pointed questions about the experience.

There are 19 scenes that need a movie and I am guess roughly a minute or so per scene. So lets say this could be a 20 to 25 minute movie.

I will also need this movie to not only be used in second life but also I will need an offline version for when I present nationally at various conferences. I am already slated for Virginia, Rhode Island, Chicago and Baltimore this school year.

My partner and I will help in any way necessary in finding actors etc but I would hope that you would be able to come up with actors as well.

This will be a paid job but we can discuss that if interested. I hope I explained enough and if i did not please do not hesitate to contact me.

thanks everyone

zadist diavolo ( in world name)

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Comment by Zadist Diavolo on October 23, 2012 at 11:54am


UCEA Duquesne University for Social Justice has just added our team onto their annual conference presenters. They want us to do a full blow walk through of the simulation both via projection in SL and on a web site where each individual can experience it as a lab session. This is a HUGE chance to get the names out there of SL and Machinima. There will be around 1000 educators and social justice experts at this event. I am still in need of the Machinimatographer. Please contact me soon if interested.


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