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The "Art with Attitude" Network... What is it?

I have been asked by many of you what is the purpose of the “Art with Attitude” or “AWA Network” links we provide near the end of the “Site Rules” and under the “Machinima” tab.

Simply put, if you have produced work and upon reviewing the rules here, fear it will not fall within the guidelines of the "Second Life Machinima Artists Guild", you may instead exhibit it there. The site is like the “Wild West” in that it is not moderated as far as we can tell! Think of it as the “Pressure Relief Valve” for the Guild. (Smiles).

It’s almost a social experiment in itself and I find myself drawn at times to craft some material more suited for exhibition there.

Be warned. If the network sponsors shut it down, it’s not MY FAULT. (Smiles again).

Have fun!

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