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A movie I made based on a short story by Robert Sheckley. The shots are over a year old because I never found quite the right music until I ran into this melancholic song by Amanyth.
The shots with the clock are a bit messy... I wonder why I didn't use the bijocam then? Lateron, in the library scene everything was done with the bijocam, so I could merge shots into eachother. I recall trying to work that flying beat birds of prey have into the movie. Again this movie plays with time and is circular.
The essential theme of the story it that the drive for (forbidden) knowledge leads to disaster. In the original story the main character was a virgin, suggesting the denial of sex as an offering to the pursuit for knowledge(power). It might even been take as a contra-christian story: the saints who withdrew from society to gain wisdom are here punished.
But did Robert Sheckley mean to write that?
Maybe he thought it was just an interesting story....

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Comment by Hypatia Pickens on March 31, 2012 at 1:30pm

Oh heck, I LOVE Robert Sheckley's short stories!  This is very cleverly done, Taubchen and Merit.  It stands on its own as a story about a man whose perusal of forbidden texts sends him to a desert where he is potential prey; his expression says it all.  I particularly love the way you've overlaid images of the avatar to suggest the passage of time, and for me the different size of the frame is interesting (especially the dragon creature whose claw reaches past the margin).  I hope you make more like these: I can see the hard work you put in it.

Comment by Celestial Elf on March 31, 2012 at 3:34am

great textual information below the film-appreciate such background as this thanks, great song for this, can you upload for wide screen ratio? some lovely 'smooth' camera pans, great book scenes too, enigmatic film, good work :D


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